How many books are in the Magic Tree House series?

If you know any youngsters, odds are you have heard of the popular Magic Tree House series. If not, Magic Tree House is a series of books aimed at kids from ages 6 to 8 that is intended to be an introduction to reading chapter books for kids. The series author, Mary Pope Osborne, is quite prolific and there are 58 books in the Magic Tree House series about their protagonists Jack & Annie. As a bonus today, if you have crafty kiddos you can use this coupon for online classes on all kinds of arts & crafts!

All Titles in the Magic Tree House Series

Here are all 58 titles in the Magic Tree House series. They can be read in any order, but we have listed them by publish date. Dinosaurs Before Dark: Jack and Annie discover a tree house filled with books and travel back to the time of the dinosaurs. The Knight at Dawn: Jack and Annie travel back to medieval times and help a knight complete his mission. Mummies in the Morning: Jack and Annie travel to ancient Egypt and help a ghost queen find her way to the afterlife. Pirates Past Noon: Jack and…

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