10 Best Gear Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Shopping for the man in your life is sometimes challenging. The following ideas will help you base your gift on his personality. You can rely on whatever Livingsocial’s desire is to send you, or you can shop for yourself! You won’t find specific items or model numbers here, but you will find relevant ideas to combine with your creativity.

1. Technology

If you know which new tech gadget the man in your life wants, then go for it. If they are a gamer and you have the budget, you can use a gaming laptop discount code to get them a new rig. If you know he’s in love with the handheld technology he already has, give him another way to keep it fully charged. Give him one of the many portable charging units available. Think about his needs and choose between the small chargers that easily fit in a pocket or the large portable chargers that will keep all his devices at full power throughout a weekend camping trip.

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2. Tickets

Give him tickets to an event. It could be a play, movie, concert, or sporting event. Just make sure it is an event he would love to attend. Promise to go with him cheerfully, or tell him he is free to take a friend and have a guys’ night out.


3. Meat

Is your guy into meat? Maybe he loves the perfect steak, messy barbecued ribs, or homemade jerky. Give him a gift certificate to the local meat market. Buy him supplies for his smoker or new tools for the barbecue grill. Perhaps he’d like a cookbook with recipe variations for some of his favorite foods.


4. Books

Does the man in your life love to read? Give him the newest book by his favorite author or a book about his favorite subject.A humorous book might be the perfect gift. If you are not sure about his tastes, books by local authors or about regional histories are good choices, and books of beautiful photographs are always tasteful. For a more personal touch, you can create a photo book containing pictures of people and places that are special to him. Many websites sell customizable photo books.

5. Gift Cards

This choice seems impersonal at first, but you can use it to show him that you know him. Is he an avid fisherman? Give him a gift card to a store with all the best fishing tackle. Does he spend hours on the golf course each week? Give him a gift card to the store with the new golf clubs he’s been eyeing. Does he love his workshop? Give him a gift card to use on new tools of his choice.

6. Fitness Gear

If the man in your life is into fitness, you can give him a new fitness-tracking gadget. Get him a gym membership if that is more his style. Some new workout clothes might be just the thing. The choices in athletic wear keep growing, so you can give him something that helps him keep cool and look great.

7. RC Vehicles

Cater to your guy’s inner child. Buy him a remote control vehicle. If you go with a car or truck, get a waterproof one so he can go mudding with it. Remote control boats, planes, and helicopters are also fun. Drones are very popular right now, and many take high definition pictures and video from the sky.

8. Donations to Charity

Is your guy passionate about a certain cause or charity? Give him a small gift to let him know you are thinking about him, but give mainly to his favorite organization. He will appreciate the fact that you care about the same things he does.

9. Quirky Items

Think about the man in your life. Does he frequently misplace his glasses? Give him an eyeglass holder. Are his glasses always smeared, but he can never find a cloth with which to clean them? Buy him a pile of microfiber lens cleaning cloths and label them (bedroom, car, briefcase, desk, coat pocket, etc.). He will have what he needs at his fingertips, and the gift will probably give you both a chuckle. Does he lose his keys? Give him a Bluetooth key tracker. He will be able to locate his keys using an app on his phone.

10. Lingerie for You

This gift is really for both of you. Buy some lingerie that you’d like to wear and that he’d like to see on you. Give it to him, and let him choose the days you wear it. Then wait for the sparks to fly!

It doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful to buy gifts for the man in your life. Use the above ideas as a springboard for choosing a great gift for your guy. He’ll love the thought you put into your gift giving.